Ozone Designs

Radical by nature, Effective by design.
Think houses, think cars, think domes on mars.

The Immortal Egg: A work Study

welcome to my personal, structural engineering study of the compound radial curve. contact me for more information about availability of a one of a kind, hand carved eggshell sculptures. an exceptional patron can earn a Bhaguan Egg: an award to commemorate a lifetime achievement to improve the human condition by extraordinary means.


Serenity Rings: Custom Chainmaille Accessories

Each piece of chainmaille is unique & considered one of a kind. Each strand comes with its own charm & personality that includes slight imperfections and variation in size and patina . Each custom weave is lovingly, hand spun, hand nipped/saw cut, hand woven & finished entirely by hand.

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Ozone Bhaguan: Shakuhachi

here is a link to my reverb-nation site where you can access rare audio recordings of my shakuhachi digital albums.

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Spreadshirt: Activist Apparel

do you care enough to let your freak flag, fly? find random and quirky, "fashionable quotes" here to make a statement. good or not, here they are. say no to bad merch!

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POC: prison journal 2004

stay tuned for updates on my first book. Prisoner of concience. a collection of my activist journals. lulu.com

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SPIRA: an All-electric Motorcycle

Spira: safe, affordable and efficient. cruise around town in your own personal, guilt free, 3 wheel space ship. never buy gas again, contact me directly, to schedule a test drive, today!

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Dropship: random supplies

here is growing selection of some curious items to drop-ship from ali-express. art supplies, tools, and random stuff for sale. I posted these items only cuz they look neat. you might find some masks and bandanas here too.

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Patreon: Emergent Reality Network

Become a member of the emergent reality network. consider making a pledge to directly support our work thru patreon. stay up to date with what's going in my inner sphere of influence and you might get a chance to meet the rest of us, someday.


videos: Emergent reality Network

videos are gone. new updated versions might happen in time.  so, yeah. whoops. it was more of a storage issue. where i simply did not have enough gigs to keep them. and that i accidentally deleted the prime videos. anyway, the whole anon message was seriously outdated.

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